Avocado…eggs…toast…these are some really lovely food items right here friends. So many healthy choices going on in this little combo. This dish is a really quick & simple fix for you and your family.

The avocado is such an interesting fruit. (yes fruit!) While most fruits are packed with carbohydrates, the avocado is packed with healthy fats along with many vitamins. This fruit is high in monounsaturated fat, which is a very good fat that has a lot of health benefits. It also helps lower cholesterol and high in fiber. If you have been eating bananas to get your potassium fix, switch it up and add an avocado to your food plan everyday, it beats the banana in this important vitamin.

Enough avocado education for one day?! Let’s move on to to this weeks meal recipe.


Healthy avocado, egg open sandwiches on a plate with colorful tomatoes against a rustic wood background

Avocado & Egg Toast

~ 4 eggs

~ 1 tablespoon coconut oil

~ 4 pieces whole grain bread

~ 2 avocados, de-pitted

~ salt & pepper

~ 1 cup grape tomatoes

~ hot sauce of choice, optional

Heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a large skillet on stove top. Once heated, crack the eggs, sprinkle with salt & pepper and cook to your desired liking. Mash up the avocado in a bowl. Dash with a little salt and pepper or any special seasoning that you love and mash again.

Get the toaster out and pop the bread in while the eggs are cooking. Slice the tomatoes in half. Spread the toast with avocado and top with egg. This is the part where I grab my hot sauce and dash some here & there. Enjoy!

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