I’m not sure about you, but I love toast loaded with all sorts of goodies. You can get so creative with what you top it with and clean out your fridge at the same time. Have you ever set up a toast bar with all sorts of toppings so you and your family can build their own?! If not, I highly recommend it.

Field and Fire have joined the Doorganics list of items so you should definitely check their story out and read up. How amazing to be able to get some of the best bread in Grand Rapids delivered every week.  http://www.fieldandfire.com/

This week we have wonderful fresh toppings for you.

Avocado toast with cucumber, spinach and whole grain bread on white plate against a slate background

Avocado Toast with Cucumber & Greens

~ 4-6 pieces of Field and Fire bread, toasted

~ 4-6 lettuce leaves, washed

~ 2 avocados, mashed

~ 18-20 slices cucumber, thinly sliced

~ Dash red pepper flakes, optional

This is so easy it is hard to believe. Get the toaster out. As you are toasting, smash the ripe avocados is a bowl and season with salt & pepper. Slice up the cucumbers and make sure you have your pepper flakes and lettuce out.

Once bread is fully toasted, load them up and top them how you please.



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