How to Save Money with Doorganics


Hi friends,

Matt here from Doorganics! I wanted to share with you how Doorganics can save you big money and tell you why Doorganics is so awesome 🙂

I mean besides the fact that we deliver, our produce is organic, the quality is top notch, it tastes delicious AND it’s all backed up by a 100% quality guarantee?

We save you money!

Here’s how:

1.) Our prices are very comparable to the grocery store, in fact, most of the time we beat them on price and delivery is free. Our large box gives you the most bang for your buck. Priced at $49.99 it is filling to the brim with deliciousness.

2.) Less impulse purchases. It’s happens to all of us. We go to the store with a list and the best intentions. Then, bam! We walk out with a cart full of stuff and still nothing to make for supper! With Doorganics you have less trips to the grocery store so less impulse buys. We let you know what’s coming in your bin the Thursday before your delivery giving you time to plan out your meals and customize your box based on what you would like to fix the next week. Then, when you go to the store you know exactly what you need and get in and get out before the chips notice you are there. 😉 Personally, my grocery bill has been cut down to a 1/3 of what it was now that I don’t go to the grocery store as much as I did.

3.) Quality guaranteed. Have you ever bought a pack of berries from the grocery store only to get home and find the bottom half is not good? Or bought something that looked delish but within a day it was bad? Drat, I hate that. Not something you have to worry about with Doorganics. With us you can rest assured that your produce comes to you in tip top shape. And, if something happens to slip passed us then all you have to do is send us an email and we will make it right with you straight away. We’re cool like that.

4.) Skip the chips eat an apple. Having produce in the house doesn’t mean you are going to get healthy through osmosis (I wish!) but it does mean you are more likely to eat produce if you have it in the house. Ditching the chips or an overpriced granola bar in favor of a peach, apple or celery dipped in peanut butter is wallet friendly…not to mention belly friendly. Just sayin. 😉

5.) Less waste. We have an issue here in America called waste. As a society we waste 19% of what we buy, on average. That’s A LOT. What our customers find is that since they know there is more produce coming in a few weeks they try to clean out the fridge eating what they have on hand to make room for more produce. Less waste equals less money down the drain and more dollars in your pocket.

6.) Less likely to eat out. If you have something in the house to cook you are less likely to jet out to eat or go through the drive through. You may not always feel like cooking, but when you know you’ve got a box arriving tomorrow, that can be the incentive you need to do something with the remaining produce from your previous delivery. Plus, let’s face it… getting produce delivered is exciting. I have no idea why getting our produce delivered makes us want to eat it more than going to the store and picking it up, but it does. Our customers say they are excited to figure out what to cook and use up their produce. Eating out is expensive, the less you do it the more you save!


Get Started Today & Save $10 On Your First Delivery!

We can’t wait to meet you! We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you need anything at all, please ‘lettuce’ know!

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Matt & The Doorganics Team 🙂


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