Get farm-to-table fruits, veggies and protein delivered right to your front door

Article originally  pulled from Live in the D 

Getting groceries delivered to your front door is a booming business. You may have also heard the term farm-to-table which many restaurants use to describe how fresh their ingredients are. Now you can get farm-fresh food delivered right to your front door thanks to our friends at Doorganics.

CEO and Doorganics founder, Mike Hughes, spoke with Tati Amare about the company and how it helps bring fresh foods to people’s homes. Hughes said Doorganics is a farm-to-front door grocery delivery service that works with local farmers and food artisans to provide fresh food to customers. Hughes started Doorganics when he had trouble getting to a farmer’s market. Wanting to eat clean and support local farmers, he created the company to make fresh foods available without having to go to a store or market.

With Doorganics, customers can create their own boxes full of fresh, locally-grown vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains. The Local Staples box has locally-made bread, eggs and foods that are made specifically in Michigan; supporting Michigan food-makers is something that Doorganics and Hughes strive to do.

Doorganics is offering a special: If you use the code: “LiveintheD”, customers will receive $12 off your first delivery. Visit this for details.

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