The beauty that lies on the inside and outside of heirloom tomatoes are truly breathtaking. They are so colorful, juicy, sweet and unique. One of the easiest and most simple ways to enjoy an heirloom is by popping it in your mouth to enjoy the natural flavor it has to offer.

Our tomatoes that are coming in the bins this week are coming from Ingraberg Farms, located in Rockford, MI. Farm owner, Dave Lundberg, started out producing heirloom tomatoes and lettuce, dating all the way back to 1984. The farm is not only dedicated to Doorganics, but to several surrounding West Michigan restaurants, growing all sorts of produce for their menus. Pretty cool, eh!

Let’s appreciate these lovely tomatoes this week by doing the minimal.

Colorful tomatoes with onion


Heirloom Tomato Salad

~ 1 pint tomatoes, sliced

~ 2 scallion, sliced

~ 1 tablespoon good olive oil

~ Coarse salt & pepper to taste

Toss all into a bowl and mix gently. Serve on a bed of Jacob’s Acres lettuce if you so desire.


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