Changing your grocery purchasing decisions to “organic” can be challenging and time consuming. It’s best to start small, but with the biggest impact. Focus on the staples!  Which kitchen staples play a role in your life on a daily basis? Whether you’re cooking morning eggs & toast, or grilling out for a gourmet dinner, the same basics continue to act as the foundation of everything you eat. Sometimes, it’s easy to convince ourselves that the basics are an easy place to cut corners. After all, these are often priced as “loss leaders” at the grocery store.  Doorganics believes there are many reasons why your staples are actually the best place to start when investing in high-quality foods.

Know what you’re feeding your family:



It’s important to keep an eye on the ingredients list in your baked goods. For example, many of the household name brand breads include surprises such as high fructose corn syrup, GMO soy lecithin, and food coloring.

We’re proud to be partnered with two local bakeries in Little Rooster Bread Company and Field & Fire Bread. You’ll recognize every ingredient in these products. Both bakeries drop off fresh bread to Doorganics daily.

Pasture Raised Meats:

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Factory-raised animals are given growth hormones, genetically modified diets, antibiotics, and more harmful chemicals. With no real way of tracking it, you’re ingesting everything they are. Their diet is your diet. There’s also the quality of life and welfare of the animals that needs to be considered.

It’s easier to hold your food producers accountable for what their animals eat and their quality of life when you’re buying from small, local farmers. Don’t be fooled by the “Natural” label that big grocery stores are using as of late.  It means nothing and should be a red flag as opposed to a reassurance. Eat meat less often, and make sure it’s healthy, pasture raised meat, from a farmer you can trust.

Organic Foods Taste Better:


The flavor difference is everything. For example, side by side, a factory-produced egg compared to a pasture-raised egg, is like night and day. A bright orange-hued yolk in a pasture-raised chicken egg is your first quality indicator.

Creswick Farm pasture-raised farm eggs consistently offer a more robust flavor. Whether you’re serving them over-easy with toast or baking a cake, choosing a local, pasture-raised farm egg can take your meal to the next level with no added effort. Know your farmer! Learn more about Creswick Farms, located in Ravenna, MI.

No need to use as much:


As a result of freshness, local staples such as butter & honey contain such highly concentrated flavor that you’ll find yourself using only a tiny portion of what you would when using a mass-produced product. Not only does that mean you can reduce your calorie & fat consumption, but you also get more bang for your buck.

Your food dollars are going to a farmer in your community

One of our favorite things about participating in our local food community is spending time with the hard-working farmers who dedicate their lives to growing & producing the food we eat. It’s truly incredible knowing the exact place your food comes from, the exact person who raised it, and the exact process by which it was created.

(Farmer John: In Harmony Farm, Rockford MI)

The next time you go shopping for your kitchen pantry staples such as eggs, meats, cheeses, bread, butter, etc, be sure to think about why your staples are actually the best place to start when investing in high-quality ingredients.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog. We look forward to providing you more valuable content on why it’s important to eat local & organic 🙂

The Doorganics Team


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