**NEWSFLASH** —- It’s apple season here in the midwest! In every way, shape and form…let’s get our fridges stocked with local, organic apples! How does a warm cup of mulled cider sound to everyone to ease into the season? It sounds so comforting to me! If you are feeling extra frisky you can always spike it with a little Captain Morgan and snuggle fireside somewhere.

apple tea with spices in a cup


Honeycrisp Mulled Cider

~ 6 cups apple cider

~ 1 cinnamon stick

~ 4 all spice berries

~ 3 strips lemon zest

~ 1 cup, diced apples

Bring 6 cups apple cider to a simmer with cinnamon stick, berries and lemon. Once simmered, ladle into mugs and serve with diced apples.

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