Until a few weeks ago I had only heard of kohlrabi, but never seen it. While I was picking up produce for a friend I was offered to take home some Kohlrabi. My first thought, what do I do with this thing? It looked like a lovely plant that I would use as a centerpiece on a dining table, but as far as preparing it I was in the dark. My friend suggested treating it like a potato, peeling and then steaming/sauteing and serving with butter and spices. I really liked this technique, and I decided to look into more ways of preparation for all you foodies!

1. Potato Style – This is the way I like it. Peel and chop 3 kohlrabi into small cubes, along with 2 medium sized potatoes (peeled and chopped). I like to use cocount oil in a pan set on medium heat, because I like the subtle sweetness it brings to the kohlrabi, which can be slightly bitter. I put the potatoes and kohlrabi in the pan with the oil and cover for at least 15 minutes to cook. It depends on how you slice the kohlrabi how long you will need to fully cook them, so I do recommend small cubes. I like to season with nutritional yeast and cumin, serve hot! This option is also nice if you substitute the potatoes with carrots.

2. If you want to get fancy, perhaps entertaining some guests at a summer party, check out Kohlrabi cakes. This recipe comes from Muffin Tin Mania. Hope on over there and check it out.

3. A nice simple introduction to kohlrabi is to slice thin, eat raw and enjoy in your favorite salad or slaw!


Not only is kohlrabi a fun new vegetable to cook with (introduce it to your friends!) kohlrabi is a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, copper and manganese. The star of this nutritional line up has to be vitamin C. Just one serving of kohlrabi fulfills 149% of the recommended daily allowance. It also helps your body absorb iron which in turn improves oxygen levels in red blood cells, which increases energy. So give this funky veggie a try and let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear how your first experience was with kohlrabi, or if you have a favorite recipe to share. Let us know on facebook or in the comments section.


Complete Nutrition Data From: Nutritiondata.com and Ehow

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