Alexis is a recent graduate of the Grand Valley State University Seidman College of Business with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During college she worked at the Frederick Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors, and was involved as president of the student organization Humane Society of Grand Valley. At the writing center she was able to help others develop their skills and become more comfortable with the writing process. In her four years with HSGV she planned and implemented successful fundraisers, and worked to develop a cohesive and professional image for the organization. She is now nurturing her love of the great city of Grand Rapids by working at Brush Studio in the Gaslight Village, and writing for, Dogs Unleashed, and now, Doorganics!

Welcome local food lovers! I’m so excited to start providing you with captivating stories of the people behind the produce. Each week you will be able to read about how your Little Rooster breads came to be, what inspires the growers at Ingraberg farm, and more! Is there a story you’d like me to cover? Send us an email – [email protected]. We want this blog to continue to develop your connection to delicious seasonal and local food, and you’ve already taken the wonderful first step by choosing to support Doorganics. I’ve always been interested in food and where it comes from; eating and cooking are so central to our culture and daily lives and I love learning about how this relationship is changing and evolving.

In the spirit of making connections with the people in our community, what follows in this first post is a survey I filled out so you can know a little more about me, before I start bringing you the inside scoop about our farmers.

Favorite meal: This is a tough one! I’ll go with my most recent favorite meal, the Buddha Bowl. I’ve been doing Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, a 21 day cleanse that aims to balance the ph of our bodies. It’s a simple blend of brown rice, shaved carrot, garlic, a smidge of soy sauce (or Bragg’s liquid aminos), broccoli, chickpeas, all sprinkled with flax seed topped off with avocado. It’s naturally satisfying and hearty. My favorite Grand Rapids meals are almost always found at (to name a few) Brick Road Pizza, Bartertown, and Little Africa.

2013-05-14 18.14.38What’s on my bookshelf: Currently I’m reading the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Next up is The Lost Dogs, and Ishmael. I’m also a Harry Potter lover, and I have a few David Sedaris books which are always interesting and funny. I try to read as much as I can and I like to track my progress on Goodreads. It’s awesome for finding new books to read and setting reading goals for yourself. Join me!






Favorite snack: image from photobucket.comI’m a hummus gal. It’s almost an issue how much I eat. Mostly because I don’t want to deny the joy of hummus to other people. I’ve tried to make my own, but it’s an ongoing process perfecting it to just the right consistency. What I really need is the Rolls Royce of appliances, the good ol’ Vitamix. Smooth, creamy, garlic-y hummus, perfect on any day. The best dipping “utensil” is usually a spiced pita chip, or a nice selection of fresh crunchy veggies.


Travels: This is a relatively new passion of mine, which developed after I spent a semester abroad in Australia. Before this, I had only ever gone as far as Canada, and for a Detroit area native that isn’t too much of a hike. I fell in love with Australia, which isn’t very hard to do once you’ve seen what it looks like.



Now that you’ve taken some time to get to know me, I hope that you will come back next week when I share the story of Ingraberg Farms, and what it truly means to eat seasonally. Feel free to post in the comments below, or send us an email at [email protected]  if you have any ideas for future stories you’d like to see covered. We always strive to bring you and your family closer to your food and where it comes from, and we hope that this blog helps build that connection. See you next week!


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