Until today, I’ve never blogged. I don’t share personal thoughts or stir up discussions on social media. But today I’m taking another step in a journey that has put me outside my comfort zone more times than I can count.

Doorganics launched in 2011 with a website, a borrowed delivery van, and one local farm partner. (Notice I didn’t mention a business plan…)

Along the way, we have grown into a successful company that I’m very proud of. The path has been a crash course in business and I continue to earn my stripes as an entrepreneur. There have been tough times, sleepless nights, and difficult lessons learned. We’ve also had a lot to celebrate.

My life changed both personally and professionally with Doorganics. Now that I have some perspective and a few years of running a small local business under my belt, I’m excited to share stories from the journey. Here’s what you can expect.


– Lessons learned, both from past experiences and day-to-day moments

– Business thoughts, including books, revelations, experiences, ideas

– Wellness tips, plus personal insights on exercise, recipes, work-life balance, etc.

– Behind-the-scenes (BTS) happenings at Doorganics, like employee features, community involvement, operations, wins & losses

– Personal/family stories (read: anecdotes about marriage, family, and raising a sweet baby girl)


So why start telling these stories now? Well, I recently had a thoughtful meeting with an experienced and successful local entrepreneur whom I admire greatly. We talked for two hours, but he left me with simple advice: to set quarterly goals. As Doorganics has grown rapidly, our focus has been on getting through the day-to-day operations and providing the best service possible. We’ve neglected to tell you very much about ourselves. My first goal is to do a better job connecting with you by sharing more about myself and the inner working of Doorganics. After all, serving customers like you is the reason I started the company in the first place!

And with this post, I’m officially a blogger.

Talk soon,


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