It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you are standing in front of your fridge staring into the unknown — leftovers. Are you still wearing the sweatpants you put on after dinner last night? We’re not judging! So now what…the 25 pound bird should have been devoured by the 6 people that came over!

Don’t fret…we can relate! What do you do with all these leftovers? We’re here to help. The possibilities are endless! See links below to some of our favorite ideas. Do you have a favorite leftover recipe? Please share with us on Facebook!

Here are some ideas…

~ Turkey soup, broth base chock full of veggies

~ Turkey salad, vegan mayo or mustard based, crispy celery, little onion and a nice amount of pepper

~ Potato cakes with a fried egg and turkey vegetable hash (GREAT BREAKFAST!)

~ Turkey frittata

~ Stuffing stuffed mushrooms (great if you have another party to attend over the weekend)

~ Turkey chili atop a scoop of mashed potatoes topped with shredded cheese

Now that you have ideas, use your imagination and get to cooking.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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