Grand Rapids is known for beer and this is the week we celebrate the local scene!

We’re proud to enjoy so many great breweries in our backyard. The conversations at Doorganics often turns to craft brew, and fun stories of brewery visits and local bands.

In honor of beer week we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite beers/breweries

From Left to Right:


David can’t get enough of the beer from Perrin. His favorite is Lil’ Grizz. We’re not sure why he’s mean muggin the photo.

Adam’s a big fan of Breakfast Stout from Founders.

Caitlin’s favorite is Brewery Vivant. When Zaison is out of season, she sips on The Undertaker


We’re proud to be living and working in a city as fun as GR. Get out and enjoy Beer Week everyone. Say hello if you run into us!

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