A few weeks ago the Doorganics crew headed out to Belding for a tour of Lettuce Boy Farm. Farmer Jonathan was able to show us around the beautiful family farm where lots of your delicious local organic veggies come from 🙂 What a treat!

Farmer Jonathan and the rest of the family are working ridiculously hard to provide you with the best tasting, organically grown produce this summer.  A very talented family, farming eight acres by hand…from sun up to sun down.

While at the farm we talked to Jonathan and shot a behind-the-scenes video.

This is what “knowing your farmer” is all about.

Check out some of our snap chats from our visit: (Be sure to add us on snapchat: “doorganics”)


Craving more local produce? 

The local harvest season is here and we’re so happy to see all our favorite local veggies back in the bins!

The “Local Bin”

The new “Local Bin” is exactly what it sounds like. Every single item is from a local farm. This means it will be heavy on the veggies until some fruit arrives late in the summer.

We want to make it easy for you to have access to as much amazing local produce as possible during the short but sweet local harvest season. If you would like to enjoy as much local produce as you can this season the “Local Bin” will be a few simple clicks in your account settings to change your bin.

How to switch to the “Local Bin”

Step 1) Login to your account

Step 2) Click “Settings”

Step 3) Click “Account Info”

Step 4) Use drop down box to select “Local Bin”



Sit back and relax. We bring the farmers market to your front door!

The Doorganics Team



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