Finally…FINALLY our grill is out and it is out to stay. It could be (and has been) 48 degrees and I would still be out there grilling whatever I can find in my fridge. This week you will find amazing goods in your bins. For some reason a nice juicy steak paired with a light & sweet side sounded so delicious and summery.

If you didn’t order any meat in your bins this week…it’s ok. Make sure you head to your local butcher to get your cuts of meat! If you are not a fan of steak…you can easily substitute it with grilled pork or chicken!

For my husband & I, especially during the summer months, we like to keep it simple and easy. We like to keep it to just a handful of essential items to make a meal flavorful and tasty.

Balsamic Steak with Grilled Pear Salad

  • 1 12 ounce bottle organic balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • 1 pound steak of your choice (ribeye, flank, t-bone)
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 2 pears
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 4 cups Jacob’s Acres bibb lettuce, chopped
  • 1/2 cup gorgonzola or blue cheese


Sprinkle the salt and pepper on the steak. Pour 1 cup of the dressing into a large zip top bag and add the steak. Marinade the steak for an hour at room temperature or for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator.

Heat your outdoor grill to high. Cut the pears in half and remove the core with a melon baller. Drizzle the pears with the balsamic dressing or just plain balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle with sugar.

Grill the steak for about four minutes on each side. Grill the pears with the steak for the same amount of time, or until they are soft (but still hold their shape).

Any steak is best at medium rare to medium. Any higher temperature will result in a chewy steak. I like to use a meat thermometer for accurate results:

  • 120°F, rare
  • 125°F, medium rare
  • 130°F, medium

Let the steak rest for at least five minutes while you prepare the salad. Toss the bibb lettuce with 1/2 cup balsamic dressing. Add the gorgonzola (or blue cheese) and top each serving with a grilled pear. Slice the steak thinly against the grain (perpendicular to the lines on the steak) and serve alongside the salad.

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